Chief Value Officer
Accountants Can Save the Planet

Paper: 978-1-78353-293-3 / $22.95
Published: December 2016  

Cloth: 978-1-78353-296-4 / $68.00
Published: December 2016  

Publisher: Greenleaf
148 pp., 5 4/5" x 8 1/4"
Integrated Reporting is having a profound impact on corporate thinking and reporting. Value is being assessed on the basis of the sources of value creation used by an organization and not through a financial lens alone. In Chief Value Officer: Accountants Can Save the Planet, Mervyn King, a global corporate governance and reporting leader, challenges some of the systemic issues preventing organizations from managing in an integrated value-creation manner.

A shareholder-centric governance model will not result in changes to corporate behavior that can create value in a sustainable manner. The book, therefore, firmly places the accountant in the position of change-maker – the finance professional today should be more of a value officer than a financial officer. Consequently, the Chief Finance Officer should be known as the Chief Value Officer.

This book explains this new approach. It encapsulates the essential reasons for adopting integrated reporting, explains its application to date and proposes the next steps needed to achieve change that will improve both business and environmental sustainability.

Table of Contents:
1: History of the Limited Liability Company
2: The Ownerless Company
3: The Duties of a Director
4: The Exclusive and the Inclusive Approach to Governance
5: From Financial Reporting to Corporate Reporting
6: Sustainability Reporting and the Establishment of the IIRC
7: Shifts in the Corporate World
8: Integrated Thinking and the Integrated Report
9: The New Order
10: Value Creation
11: The Benefits of IR
12: The Role of Accountants in Creating Value
13: The Chief Value Officer
14: The Training of Accountants

Annex 1: The International Integrated Reporting Council Framework
Annex 2: The Crown Estate
Annex 3: The Standard Bank of South Africa
Annex 4: The General Electric Company
Annex 5: The Chartered Institute of Public Relations
Annex 6: Sanford
Annex 7: Sun International