Innovating for the Greater Good

Paper: 978 1 78353 568 2 / $24.95
Published: February 2017  

Cloth: 978 1 78353 395 4 / $105.00
Published: January 2017  

Publisher: Greenleaf
220 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/5"
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DreamMakers: Innovating for the Greater Good profiles stories of businesses, cross-sector initiatives and movements and whole communities that are collaborating to create a flourishing world. They all share attitudes and beliefs that transcend: who they are, where they live, or their individual circumstances.

The book provides a new definition of success, shares the stories of a number of businesses and communities and examines how the people that lead these successful organizations have made a significant difference. Stories come from people based in very different types of industries and sectors, such as Waka Waka, a company that is helping to address "energy poverty" for millions of families across the globe, Menlo Innovations, a socially innovative technology company which embeds "Joy" as a business proposition, and the hugely successful cross-sector global movement, B Corporation.

These people share how they are innovating for the greater good and making their personal hopes and dreams come true. They share their results and what they have learned. Their compelling stories are instructive as well as inspirational. They share the defining moments in their lives that shaped the insights, perspectives and the decisions that lead them on their journey. They go into detail about the actions they are taking to help transform their organizations, communities to enable them to innovate for the greater good. They show us that by taking personal responsibility to change our lives, businesses and our communities, we contribute to changing our world.

Table of Contents:
Part One: Business as an Agent for World Benefit

1) Waka Waka: Share the Sun

2) The Wind Tree, A Writer, a Poet and a Wind Tree

3) Menlo Innovations: Joy, Inc.

4) Fairmont Santrol: Boldly Different

5) Herman Miller: My Journey Through Camelot

Part Two: Blurring the Lines:

1) EAT: Food for Thought to Save the World

2) Rid-All: "Green in the Ghetto"

3) Western Reserve Land Conservancy: From Vacancy to Vitality

4) Junior Enterprisers Worldwide Movement

Part Three: We the People: A Brand New Story

Reviews & Endorsements:
“It is the great irony of our day that, in a world where more and more people know that the future will look very different from the past, the most visible stories of the present seem more and more driven by desperate, fear-driven efforts to return to the past. In a time when it is easy to set aside hope as naïve, Michele Hunt reminds us that all change starts with protecting that small spark of possibility and then takes us on a tour of amazing fire protectors around the world.”
- Peter Senge, MIT and Academy for System Change
"DreamMakers not only inspires you to realize the greater good that only you can do, but shows how to get it done. The powerful individuals, stories, and insights Michele Hunt shares will change your life for the better so that you can do the same for others."
- Simon Mainwaring, CEO, We First, and author of New York Times bestseller 'We First'