The Future MBA
100 Ideas for Making Sustainability the Business of Business Education

Paper: 978 1 78353 565 1 / $26.95
Published: September 2016  

Cloth: 978 1 78353 398 5 / $85.00
Published: September 2016  

Publisher: Greenleaf
156 pp., 5 4/5" x 8 1/4"
The Future MBA brings together 100 ideas on how to rethink management education in order to embed sustainability. This book acts as a creative toolkit for individuals working in management education on how to design new and innovative products, services, and experiences for the business school community with a focus on sustainability.

What if we took a moment to stand back and look at the bigger picture? What would the business school of the future look like? Rather than a roadmap, the 100 ideas presented in this book are meant to be a source of inspiration in responding to these questions. Some ideas could be put into practice tomorrow, some would require a complete reassessment of the way we view business education, and others are meant to encourage more ideas…and more action, to turn management education into a key player in moving the sustainability agenda forward.

Table of Contents:
1. The Introduction

2. The Lessons

3. The Ideas

4. Now What

5. 50 Questions

Giselle's 2012 TEDx talk @ Warwick University

Reviews & Endorsements:
"This inspirational book is jam packed with ideas, and is a call to action for students and alumni to push the boundaries of the impact that they and their business schools can have on creating a more sustainable world for all. A must-read for all students interested in the positive role that business, and business education can play in society."
- Liz Maw, CEO, Net Impact
“As a huge fan of ‘10 Ways to Do X...’ lists, I loved this smartly-packaged collection of ideas. Idea number 56, "A Series of Experiences" is representative—an idea that calls us to imagine how projects could replace classes as the building blocks of MBA programs in the future. The book will provide much inspiration to deans, faculty, and students alike to rethink the role of business education in modern society. The ideas suggested may seem too small for the challenge at hand, but that's exactly the point: through small changes in the classroom, in students' approach, and faculty pedagogy we can help to retool business education to be a positive force in society. "
- Claire Preisser, Associate Director, The Aspen Institute