CSR and Sustainability
From the Margins to the Mainstream: A Textbook

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Published: January 2016  

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Published: January 2016  

Publisher: Greenleaf
498 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/5"
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is steadily moving from the margins to the mainstream across the spectrum of private companies, NGOs and the public sector. It has grown from being a concept embraced by a small number of companies such as The Body Shop in the early 1990s to a widespread global movement. At its weakest level, it is represented by a few philanthropic gestures by organizations, but when applied in its most complete form, it can steer the organization or sector to deliver a fully fledged, system-wide, multi-stakeholder operation, accompanied by multiple types of certification.

For the first time, a book brings together key issues relating to CSR as they apply to different aspects of business; it is not another generalist title about CSR. Michael Hopkins, a leading expert in the field, is joined by a number of outstanding contributors to the book, to explain how CSR has evolved since the 1990s and to offer ground-breaking insights and practical and specific applications of the concept. For example, Mervyn King explains Integrating Reporting, Deborah Leipziger looks at CSR, Branding and the Supply Chain, George Starcher provides a framework for Socially Responsible Restructuring, and Adrian Henriques explores Social Accounting and Stakeholder Dialogue.

Table of Contents:
Part One
Theoretical Dimensions - More than Greenwash but Is CSR still relevant?

. Introduction and Summary of Book by Michael Hopkins
2. CSR and Sustainability by Michael Hopkins
3. CSR and International Development by Michael Hopkins
4. History of Corporate Social Responsibility by Michael Hopkins and Ron Cambridge

Part Two
CSR in practice

5. CSR Measurement and Impact Analysis by Michael Hopkins and Enrique Torres
6. CSR, Social Accounting and Stakeholder Dialogue by Adrian Henriques
7. Small Business Social Responsibility by Vivek Soundararajan and Laura Spence
8. Socially Responsible Restructuring by George Starcher
9. CSR, Branding and Supply Chain Laws, Voluntary Standards and Verification by Deborah Leipziger

Part Three
Business and CSR in Society

10. Business and Human Rights by Olga Lenzen
11. Labour/Employment and CSR The Need for a Planetary Bargain by Michael Hopkins
12. The Business Case for CSR by Jacques Bogh
13. Socially Responsible Investment by Julian Roche
14. CSR and Sustainable Development in Practice Country Based Examples by Michael Hopkins
15. CSR and Sustainability in the Oil Sector by Tom Stephens

Part Four
Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility

16. Practical Implementation of CSR by Michael Hopkins and Adrian Payne
17. CSR and Strategic Management by Michael Hopkins and Abby Ghobadian
18. Integrated Reporting by Mervyn King and Michael Hopkins
19. Communication Strategy for CSR by Lawrence Gikaru
20. Concluding Remarks by Michael Hopkins

Reviews & Endorsements:
"As you would expect from the expert author, this textbook on CSR contains both breadth and depth in terms of concepts and practice. It is essential reading both for newcomers to the field as well as seasoned practitioners and academics. This book will serve well as both a textbook and a reference book. The selection of contributors is impressive and represents a diverse spectrum of viewpoints and experiences that will augment the current and future research and practice of CSR."
- Archie B Carroll, Professor Emeritus , Terry College of Business, University of Georgia
"I was simply fascinated about this book. The moment I saw it, I started reading and could not stop until the evening. This book is both necessary and timely, as it enriches the European discussion on CSR that somehow got a little out of hand. It puts things back in perspective and by the contribution of world class authors, all experts in their fields, Michael has put together a very readable and understandable textbook that will remain a source of inspiration for academics, business and politicians alike for many years."
- Dr Thomas Osburg, Director of Europe Corporate Affairs , Intel Europe Corp